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An online video delivery platform that allows you to securely create,
upload, stream and share videos, Power Points, PDFs,
spreadsheets and others.

VPortal Is

Secure Video Sharing
VPortal provides controlled access to content
based upon your organization
or corporate structure.
Multimedia is one of the most effective educational
tools – organize it in any learning path incorporating
video training, print materials, assessment
exams and certification.

Are you currently taking full advantage of your digital video assets?

Too many organizations have a difficult time managing and deploying their growing collection
of video assets. We’ve created VPortal as an adaptive, secure and fully customizable
video hosting service that can help you increase engagement and decrease
time spent organising videos, PDFs and other corporative content.

Online Video Delivery

  • Multi-Purpose Embed video on websites and landing pages.
  • Flexible Create exams and customer demos, slice existing video courses into sections, add machine-learning derived interactive components.
  • Tech Stack Friendly Integrate video into your CRM, LMS and ERP systems for just-in-time training.
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Software Framework

  • Device Agnostic Watch on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.
  • Personal Employees and customers log-in to individual portals with video displayed on an intuitive dashboard.
  • Interactive Send a message to a subject matter expert, take notes, rate videos or save them for later.
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Learning Management System

  • Social Share notes and ratings on courses, recommend videos internally, hold discussions on chat app.
  • Scalable An online training software for small to large corporations with personalization and branding built-in.
  • Data-Driven Analytics and reporting help educators track usage, engagement, and completion.
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  • Educational Content Delivery UHarvest brings money to professors and simultaneously meets the educational needs of academic institutions through its curriculum-sharing portal.
  • A Tool for Professors UHarvest allows content creators to monetize their original academic content by selling it to learning institutions in need of unique classes.
  • Customizable You can change the format of the learning management system to present content in a unique way by adding special features, such as corporate or university styles, colors and logos.
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Engineering Team

Open-architected Learning Management Systems lack video-handing capacity. VPortal is designed to remedy that by providing a way to stream and manage video from both inside the existing LMS, as well as through VPortal's friendly Graphical User Interface.

Our engineering team has successfully integrated VPortal into LMS systems like TinCan, Active Directory and others. We use single sign-on, SCORM, and APIs.

VPortal’s open architecture is designed for ease of integration, extensibility, scalability and high performance, thus reducing bottom line cost of ownership to the licensees.
VPortal is available on-demand, 24/7/365
to employees and partners

Why VPortal?

High-quality video content is increasingly affordable and very popular, but typical LMS systems aren’t designed to handle secure streaming, handling, storing, and cataloging video assets effectively.

VPortal is a proven way to securely store, manage, distribute, and share intellectual property encapsulated in video format, as well as other document types.

Content uploaded to VPortal can only be accessed by users with appropriate levels of permissions, managed by designated administrators. Users can be authorized to share, view and collaborate on many types of information including videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and many others.

Your content is stored securely on the video platform servers protected with multiple layers of database, network and physical security. VPortal administrators can configure and define flexible user groups to allow access to specific content created for their area of expertise. VPortal can be as restrictive or as flexible as administrators choose.
Reporting And Analytics
This module will help you monitor online corporate learning progress on multiple levels in a friendly format using the multi-level dynamic charts and data grids. With just a few clicks you can drill down from a view of the entire organization to a single student or single video class.
Custom-Designed Video Player
This crucial software component was designed for high-performance video streaming, centered around user experience. It allows users to use chaptering, to see and navigate clickable tables of content, and to switch into full screen/partial screen modes.
VP Studio
This easy-to-use powerful creative environment provides tools for working with video and other content. VPStudio allows instructional designers to work with the contents, organize the elements into flexible learning paths, and configure a wide range of learning experiences.
Transcribe your content to support multiple languages with transcription and captioning tools, allowing you to conveniently add transcriptions to the videos, as well as time them to the soundtrack. Multiple languages for transcriptions are supported.
In-Video Search Feature
VPortal offers advanced search capabilities. You can search parameters such as names, description, metadata, captions, media number, and language. VPortal has in-video search as well, providing a state-of-the-art search to the keyword inside a video with a transcription.
Seamless Compatibility
VPortal is Scorm compliant. It can be easily integrated with other LMS systems in many ways including through embedded links, custom API, Tin Can API, or database level.

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