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Online Video Delivery
Online Video Delivery Platform for smart media
content management

A Ready-To Go Packaged Software Product

The Product allows for quick out-of-the-box deployment with complete well-rounded front- and backend functionality, including but not limited to:
  • Our proprietary fully featured front-end embedding video player
  • Creative studio
  • Administrative/management dashboard
  • Contents library
  • Streaming engine
  • Video captioning tool
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Reports & analytics
  • Single sign-on
  • Learning path management

An Open Development Platform

VPortal is a solution designed with the future functionality extensions in mind. It opens
up multiple opportunities for quickly extended functionality and seamless
integration with other systems such as but not limited to:
Other LMSs via SCORM or Tin-Can API
Accounting systems like Intuit Quickboots or Sage
CRM systems like or Act
eCommerce engines and Payment gateways like

Too Many Digital Content Pieces, Too Little Time to Manage Them ?

Be sure to get the most of your media library with VPortal!
Create, Stream, Share, Edit, Store, Organize & Access your media files via VPortal
onsite plug-in, mobile app or a cloud service

What Makes VPortal Stand Out

  • Custom-designed video player
  • Permissions and rights assigned to users
  • Certificate-based training and achievement rewards for users
  • Controlled access to content based upon your corporate structure
  • “Recommend” feature to recommend videos to peers
  • Mandatory videos assigned to students or employees
  • “My Favorites” tag for easy access to content
  • An interface that can be branded with your logo and corporative colors
  • VPortal Studio to storyboard your elements
  • Administrator’s dashboard for managing users, users’ assignments, monitor comments, reporting, etc.
  • Secure advanced analytics for eCommerce, LMS, etc. (track user activity, content most viewed, trending videos and more)
  • Compliance programs to validate compliance training among employees, vendors, etc.

VPortal Is Centered Around the Following Principles:

Modern and friendly GUI design
Wide support for all mobile platforms
N-Tier architecture
High standards of information security and privacy
Object-Oriented Design
High performance of video streaming and all other components
International footprint
Tight quality assurance on every component

Your VPortal

Adaptive. Secure. Thoroughly Customizable.
Device Agnostic
Watch on a desktop, tablet or mobile device
Share notes and ratings, recommend videos internally, hold discussions on chat app.
Embed video on websites and landing pages
For small to large corporations with personalization and branding built-in
Leverage Video Internally and Externally Personal
Employees and customers log-in to individual portals with video displayed on an intuitive dashboard
Data Driven
Analytics and reporting help track usage, engage- ment, and completion
Send a message to a subject matter expert, take notes, save a video for later
Create exams and customer demos, slice existing video courses into sections, add machine-learning derived interactive components
Cart Integration
Integrates with online shopping cart technology for organizations that charge users
Globally Adapted
Use any language or more than one.
Tech Stack Friendly
Integrate video into your CRM, LMS and ERP systems

Organizations Have a Hard Time Managing Their Video Assets

Traditional content management systems incorporate video as an after-thought, forcing people to use public video portals. The last are not a good option if you want to protect your intellectual property, to make a viewer’s experience more brand-imprinted and to help the viewer to focus on your content, not on distracting ads or someone else’s videos in Recommended section.
We’ve built VPortal with video at its heart because we believe multimedia to be the most powerful tool for learning, sales, mass media, and more.
  • Available for onsite install or via the cloud
  • White glove service available
  • Quick set-up
  • No long-term contracts