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Learning Management System
Take your classes to the next level with VPortal –
a secure and customizable Learning Management System

Having a Hard Time Managing Your Growing Library of Educational Content?

VPortal is a way to organize your video, Power Point presentations, images,
audiofiles, worksheets and other types of content into
unique interactive learning paths.

What Makes VPortal LMS Stand Out

Custom-designed video player
Permissions and rights assigned to students
Certificate-based training and achievement rewards for students
Controlled access to content based upon your educational structure
“Recommend” feature to recommend videos to fellow students
Mandatory videos assigned to students
“My Favorites” tag for easy access to content
An intuitive interface that can be branded with your logo
VPortal Studio to storyboard your educational elements
Administrator’s dashboard for managing users’ assignments, monitor comments, reporting, etc.
Secure advanced analytics to track user activity, most viewed content, trending videos and more
Improved scalability and open development platform for seamless integration with your LMS via SCORM or Tin-Can API

Who Can Benefit from
VPortal LMS

  • Schools
  • Refresher Courses
  • Independent educational platforms
  • Universities
  • Corporate training departments
  • Subject Matter Experts

Build Your Own Certificate-Based Learning Paths, Incorporating

Many Educators Struggle to Manage Their Database

Some content management systems and LMS platforms lack security or can’t boast an intuitive dashboard, others are available as desktop versions only or fail to integrate with other applications.

VPortal Is Centered Around the Following Principles

Modern and friendly GUI design
Wide support for all mobile platforms
n-Tier architecture
High standards of information security and privacy
High performance of video streaming and all other components
Object-Oriented Design
International footprint
Tight quality assurance on every component
Protect your intellectual property, make a viewer’s experience more brand-imprinted and help the viewer to focus on your content, not on distracting ads or someone else’s videos in Recommended section – by utilizing VPortal.
We’ve built VPortal with video at its heart because we believe multimedia to be the most powerful tool for learning and training.
  • White glove service available
  • Available for onsite install or via the cloud
  • No long-term contracts
  • Quick set-up