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Software Framework
Streamline Digital Content Management With VPortal Software Framework
We Facilitate The Task Of Organizing Your Content,
So That You Can Focus On Creative Tasks

The Challenge

As development of good quality content lately became increasingly affordable and very popular, the problem of secure streaming, handling, storing, and cataloguing digital assets remains mainly unsolved.

Increase engagement and decrease time spent organizing digital assets with an adaptive, secure and thoroughly customizable VPortal Software Framework.

VPortal Software Framework is more than just a one-size-fits-all solution. It is a substantive environment with easy-to-use tools for managing digital content. Why spend time and efforts on developing your own product from the ground up, when you can benefit from VPortal Software Framework and build your solution on top of it?

VPortal Software Framework – A Ready-To-Go Packaged Software Product

The Product allows for quick out-of-the-box deployment with complete well-rounded front- and backend functionality, including but not limited to:
  • Our proprietary fully featured front-end embedding video player
  • Creative studio
  • Administrative/management dashboard
  • Contents library
  • Streaming engine
  • Video captioning tool
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Reports & analytics
  • Single sign-on
  • Learning path management
Let VPortal Software Framework take care of the routine work and save you time and energy for more exciting tasks

Organizations Have a Hard Time Managing Their Video Assets

The core idea of VPortal was to supplement the lacking video-handling capacity to any openly architected Learning Management System by providing a way to stream and manage the videos both from inside the shell of existing LMS, as well as via VPortal’s own friendly Graphical User Interface.

VPortal is a solution designed with the future functionality extensions in mind. It opens up multiple opportunities for quickly extended functionality and seamless integration with other systems such as but not limited to:

  • Other LMSs via SCORM or Tin-Can API
  • CRM systems like or Act
  • Accounting systems like Intuit Quickbooks or Sage
  • And virtually any other open-ended systems
  • eCommerce engines and Payment gateways like

VPortal Software Framework is centered around the following principles

  • Scalability
  • Wide support for all mobile platforms
  • High standards of information security and privacy
  • Object-Oriented Design
  • Tight quality assurance on every component
  • Modern and friendly GUI design
  • n-Tier architecture
  • High performance of video streaming and all other components
  • International footprint

A Key Takeaway

VPortal Software Framework is very flexible and allows customization,
should the new features be required and added at the later date

VPortal Logical Modules

VPortal is an OVDP designed for end-user to find learning assets, connect with fellow students, take tests, and get a certificate, while enjoying a user-friendly interface, available both on PC and mobile devices.

VPortal is a proven way to securely store, manage, distribute, and share intellectual property encapsulated in video format, as well as other document types.

This easy-to-use powerful creative environment provides tools for working with video and other content. VPStudio allows instructional designers to work with the contents, organize the elements into flexible learning paths, and configure a wide range of learning experiences.

VPortal users can also use VP Studio to upload a video, which will be reviewed by an administrator before publishing.

VPortal Database collects all kinds of information about users, content and actions, such as a viewing time, last login, score, and etc.

All analytic data is aggregated in the reports for administrators.

Monitor the users progress on multiple levels in a friendly format using the multi-level dynamic charts and data grids, with the possibility to drill in a few clicks from the level of organization overviewing the big picture down to single user and single video class.

A convenient way to stay updated – both for students and administrators.

Too many digital content pieces, too little time to manage them?

Be sure to get the most of your media library with VPortal Software Framework!
Create, Stream, Share, Edit, Store, Organize & Access your
media files via VPortal