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Is Distance Learning the Right Option?

What is Distance Learning?

Distance Learning encompasses the idea that all people, including superintendents, teachers, and students, no longer have to convene at in-person settings to perform quality work related to education. Schools could easily function at normal capacity from remote locations with the implementation of the right instruments and technology.

As a whole, society is unprepared for remote learning because it is dependent on traditions that have never been questioned. A majority of people from generation to generation have shared the experience of waking and spending the entire day at school. Undoubtedly there are a lot of valuable lessons to be learned at school, and not just those limited to education. However, as times change, society must learn to adapt, and this includes the school system. The key is to embrace what could quickly become a new normal of students learning remotely. It is essential to be fully prepared for situations when students are no longer able to come into school, and yet the learning process must continue.

What are the problems of distance education?

  • Lack of Classroom Customization

    Lack of Classroom Customization
    Current online educational systems are generally inflexible to customization and follow a one-size-fits-all design from class to class. Every school system, every school, every classroom, every teacher, every student has a unique style and different requirements. The desire to customize the virtual learning experience is not being met.

  • Hard to Track Progress and Engagement

    Hard to Track Progress and Engagement
    When operating a classroom from behind a computer screen, it becomes difficult to monitor the individual children participating in the lesson. It is important to be able to track every single member of the classroom from how well they understand content to how interested they are in the subject at hand. In a video conference, these details aren't always transparent.

  • Less Peer Involvement

    Less Peer Involvement
    A valuable element of learning occurs through group projects as well as through interactions between classmates.It is a lot harder to emulate the socialization and comradery that occurs in a classroom through remote learning.

  • Reluctance to Learn New Software

    Reluctance to Learn New Software
    As school systems implement new technologies, everyone must learn anew how to employ these tools into their learning.Teachers must learn to organize their classes on an online platform, and students must learn to navigate them as well.Much software isn't user friendly, and those who use them are reluctant to try them out.

  • Pre Recorded Content is Limiting

    Pre Recorded Content is Limiting
    Many online learning programs consist of a library of pre recorded videos and information. This can be limiting to the learning environment as students cannot engage with their instructors, and may easily get bored by droning content.

  • Live Streams have Bugs

    Live Streams have Bugs
    Video systems currently being incorporated in the K-12 curriculum are not designed to handle video conversations efficiently. It is extra challenging to find a user-friendly live streaming tool that allows for entire classrooms to tune in and proactively engage with a teacher's lesson. Not only that, but such tools are filled with camera failures, sound glitches, and microphone catastrophes.

  • Common Core is Restricting

    Common Core is Restricting
    Common core is the curriculum that all American school systems k-12 follow (x). This is the curriculum that every teacher follows, and yet there is no one functional software that fully encompasses this curriculum to allow for specific lessons to be taught remotely

How can Vportal help remote classrooms?

Existing remote learning programs don't encompass all of these problems. Modern school systems require a program that is flexible, creative, fast, and easy to use, and that also considers the issues listed above.

Further, existing systems that are currently being implemented should not be trusted as they already have many customers. It may seem counter-intuitive, but such vendors are not welcoming to those who rely on them. They are not interested in changing according to the needs of individual learning environments. Not do they care about tuning their programs to the needs of the individual. Vportal understands that every classroom is unique and will mold to these needs. Our team is ready to customize, integrate, and teach you how to use new and improved technologies.

Vportal provides elite software that has perfected remote learning. It was created while considering modern technologies and how they can complement modern requirements. Tizbi has years of experience working with schools and school systems on other projects in systems that were both public and private. Also, as many of our employees live in other countries around the world, we are used to using remote technologies and know exactly what errors need to be avoided, and what facilitates smooth functioning.

We promise to deliver help fast. Following the first demonstration, we promise to provide resources within a week. Trust in us, and you'll be operating at a distance in no time.

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